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 Hello Families,

I am sure you are wondering how Conventions like us can continue to go on.  But rest assured our industry will be back soon enough and may look different than what it was before.  It is up to Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz to re imagine our Convention & Competition weekends while keeping everyone’s health & safety in mind!

While we do not know what the future holds, we can prepare our events with the following protocols in place. We will be prepared to take all measures to create a safe environment.  Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz will now have a designated Health & Safety Supervisor at all events to make sure that all protocols are in place and being executed accordingly.

Below you will find the Options we are offering to ensure every registered attendee will have the Hollywood Experience!



Hollywood Vibe and HDJ have always worked to give dancers more room to move pre COVID19 by limiting enrollment to insure a better educational experience.

  • We will be working closely with each venue to stay within the guidance on capacity.  Enrollment will be limited so that dancers will be able to maintain 6 ft. of separation.  What once was a full ballroom of dancers, will now be at a 50-75% less capacity.  Ballrooms will be gridded out to give dancers a visualization on their range of movement. Our faculty will be working together to format their classes so that they can respect this range.  Across the floor and standing on sides for groups may not be an option.
  • With limited attendance, we will no longer be able to offer Parent Observers in the Junior, Intermediate, Teen & Senior Ballrooms.  Mini dancers will be limited to 1 studio representative or 1 Parent Only.
  • Dressing Room Areas will be marked out to give each studio room to change.  Studios should limit the amount of parents that are assisting dancers with changing


  • Our Health & Safety Supervisor will conduct temperature checks on all staff and faculty each day.
  • We will ask Dance Teachers to conduct temperature checks on each dancer each day turning in the appropriate paperwork with the recorded temperature
  • Any Dancer or Teacher with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be asked not to attend.


  • Face coverings will be required for anyone in the pre-function area, watching competition, sitting in the ballroom, and all other public spaces. 
  • Dancers will be required to wear a mask during classes until further notice.  
  • Face Masks for Competition will vary from city to city
  • There will be no deduction in points for dancers wearing masks during competition.
  • All Staff for HV & HDJ will be required to wear a face covering.


  • We will set Hand Sanitizers at points of high traffic.  Dancers will be asked to use when entering and exiting every ballroom.  They will also be at merchandise & registration areas.
  • Disposable Masks will also be available for anyone that needs one.
  • We advise that each dancer create their own kit that contains their hand sanitizer, mask, and water bottle!

(Available only at Hollywood Vibe)

  • To reduce the amount of dancers mingling at merchandise booths.  Merchandise will be available for purchase online and available for pick up at the event!


  • Professional Assistants and Runners will report for training sessions with our stage manager on the proper protocols.
  • Dancers will be asked to wait in the dressing rooms until they are called backstage.
  • Once backstage, dancers will be staged to keep their distance from other groups


  • We will clean and sanitize equipment between each faculty member’s classes
  • We will clean stage during certain periods throughout competition as well as high touch points such as handrails


  • Dancers will be asked to bring their own water bottles clearly marked with their name.


  • Live streaming of competition will now be available so all who cannot be in attendance or present in the competition ballroom can view
  • Limited Seating and audience will be set to guidelines for social distancing.
  • Contact free awards ceremony.  We will ask for Studios to select representatives to be present on stage to receive the recognition. More frequent award ceremonies will take place to reduce the number of dancers on the stage and in the ballroom.
  • Dressing Room Areas will be marked out to give each studio room to change.  Studios should limit the amount of parents that are assisting dancers with changing
  • If Dressing areas are unable to be marked out, blocked competition scheduling per studio could occur to avoid cross contamination.
  • Dancers will use hand sanitizing stations before entering stage and when leaving.
  • Stage will be sanitized at certain periods throughout competition


  • We will no longer be able to hold one large faculty introduction to reduce the crowding before the event begins
  • Class Scheduling will be tiered or blocked so start and end times will vary.  Thus reducing the amount of dancers who will be entering/exiting ballrooms and pre-function areas.
  • A new way of awarding final scholarships will be coming soon!  This again will reduce the large crowd for our closing events.


  • Any attendee that has flu-like symptoms will be asked to not attend the event.
  • All parents will need to certify that to the best of their knowledge, their dancer has been healthy 2 weeks preceding the event and not sick with any symptoms.


As the CDC recommends the best way to avoid transmission of the virus, all attendees should wash their hands multiple times throughout the day.


Each hotel and venue has given us their protocols for safety with increased cleaning of all surfaces, elevators, handrails, and high touch point areas.


The following policies will be in effect for our 2020-2021 events:

  • In order to confirm your attendance, secure your spot and plan for our events, we will be asking for a Convention Fee Deposit of 10%.   Full Payment will not be due until 2 weeks prior to the scheduled weekend.
  • In the event Hollywood Vibe or Hollywood Dance Jamz needs to cancel due to the COVID pandemic, you will be refunded your full payment amount 
  • If a Virtual Alternative is offered on that scheduled weekend and a dancer chooses not to attend, 100% Refund will be given.  Dancers who choose to attend the Virtual Alternative, will be refunded the difference in cost.
  • In the event of sickness, injury, or quarantining of which they need to cancel their attendance, credit will be issued to Studio Registered which will be good for up to 1 year. An option for a quarantined dancer can be Virtual Convention.
  • A refund will be issued for a dancer that has a confirmed case of COVID with a Doctor’s note. Refunds go to the Studio Registered and not processed individually.
  • Any Refunds will be processed within 14 days of event date to the Dance Studio Registered.

We will continue to monitor government policies and public health organizations on their updates and changes.  As this is still a very fluid situation, plan may be updated or modified.  Along with our plan and everyone’s personal responsibility, we will put forth our best efforts to create a safe and healthy environment for all!

We look forward to dancing with you this season!!


Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz

Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz will run In person Convention & Competitions as scheduled with our COVID-19 protocols in place (See Below).  Events will be limited in size so pre-registration is advised to reserve your spot.  Our COVID-19 protocols will continue to be updated as needed.

(Only Available at Hollywood Vibe)
For those that are not ready and do not feel comfortable with the In Person Convention, we will be offering a simulcast from the venue for classes.  This option is not intended for an “In-studio” convention.  Each dancer participating would need to pay the convention fee.  Only certain levels will be offered based upon demand. This option is not available for our Mini level.
With this option, dancers can still participate in competition at the venue.
We will not be offering a virtual competition if an in person competition is taking place.
Pricing for the Hybrid option is the same as the in-person Convention. Virtual Scholarship auditions will be made available.
Registration for hybrid option must be made by the event’s cut off date.  Teachers- email us at info@hollywoodvibe.comif you have a dancer who will be selecting this option

In the event the government mandates require that we cancel our scheduled live event, Hollywood Vibe & Hollywood Dance Jamz will produce a Virtual Convention weekend.  Studios that register for an in person event, may transfer their students to the virtual weekend.  Difference in fee will be refunded back to the studio.  Studios may also have the option to transfer to another live event. 
Virtual Competition will also be offered which will include judges scores and feedback.  Studios will also have the option for a faculty member to give feedback on group routines finished or not finished virtually!
We will create an Interactive and personal virtual experience!






Mini (5-7)



Junior (8-10)



Intermediate (11-12)



Teen (13-14)



Senior (15-18)











Sm. Group


Lg. Group






*Time Limits are the same for In Person Events. 
*Must be Registered for Virtual Convention in order to enter Virtual Competition.
*There is no Virtual Competition offered if an In-Person Competition is taking place that weekend.
*Plan of Action May Be Updated depending on City Requirements