What is the schedule for the weekend?

We email a schedule out to provided email address on the registration form about 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Schedules to vary from city to city depending on the size of the competition.


  • Friday Competition- Time varies from city to city.
  • Friday Special Bonus Master Classes- vary city to city. Typical start time 7:00pm
  • Saturday Registration Begins at 7:00am
  • Classes for Minis/Juniors/Seniors Runs 8:00am-2:00pm
  • Competition Begins at 3:30pm
  • Sunday Classes for Juniors/Seniors/Teachers Runs 8:00am-3:00pm
  • Faculty Show and Scholarship presentation following classes
What is the pricing for your events?

Teachers and Studio Owners should contact our offices for the best rates!!

What classes do you provide at Hollywood Vibe?

We offer a variety of classes in all levels such as jazz, tap, ballet, lyrical jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and musical theatre.

Is Convention required?

At Hollywood Vibe, Convention is required in order to compete.

Is lunch provided at your events?

Lunch is not provided by Hollywood Vibe. But most hotels and convention centers do set up cash concessions for you or your dancers to grab lunch. Often there are restaurants or fast food places near the hotel/convention center. It is best to pick up your dancers’ lunch before class ends so that it is ready for them at lunch time.

Is videotaping or photography allowed?

Photography and Video recording from any media devices (i.e. digital cameras, cell phones, SLR’s, Flip, etc) is strictly prohibited during classes and competition. This is to enforce the children’s safety and privacy, as well as protecting the work of choreographers and faculty. We offer professional photo and video services at each of our events. Please visit our media booth, Same Day Productions, on site.

Is there an Observers Fee?

For Hollywood Vibe, the Observers Fee for Classes is $35 a day or $60 for the weekend. You can register to be an observer at registration. You can pre-register observers online thru a studio registration.  Pre-registered rate is $50 for the weekend.  Competition is FREE to watch.

The fee is to ensure the safety of the dancers’ in making sure that the observers in the room are part of Hollywood Vibe and not from another function or from the streets. It is also to ensure that the ballroom is not over crowded and noisy with too many observers in the room.

When are Scholarship Auditions?

For Hollywood Vibe, scholarship auditions take place for the Minis on Saturday during the last class. For Juniors, Teens and Seniors, scholarship auditions take place on Sunday during the second or third class of the day.

I have an 7 year old dancer who is registered in the Junior level because of her ability, where should she go for scholarship auditions?

Because the dancer is 7 years old, she can audition in the mini level which is her proper age level. Please speak to a director beforehand and we will place her as a “Mini Plus” so she can dance in both the Junior and Mini room.

This also applies for a dancer who is 14 dancing in the senior level because of her ability. She can audition in the Teen level because of her age.

Dancers should audition in the proper age level and not in a lower age level.

I won a scholarship dated January 26, 2018 in Dallas, and you are not returning to Dallas until February 14th. Is my scholarship still valid?

Yes, the scholarship is still valid. We know that sometimes our dates fluctuate a week or two, so your scholarship is valid until we return to the city in which you won.