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Join us for an Exciting Competition judged by our experienced faculty which consists of Top LA Choreographers and Dancers direct from LA.  All dancers will receive recognition for every act performed in our awards ceremony.

Teachers will receive written score sheets along with constructive CD comments from every judge.

Hollywood Vibe awards Fabulous Cash prizes along with it's Judges Specialty Awards which are awarded for Overall High Score, Outstanding Choreography, Most Entertaining and Best Costume. Trophies for 1st,2nd and 3rd place, and laminated National Tour Passes which indicate the number score for each routine.  Soloist receive Hollywood Vibe lapel pins indicating their number score along with their laminates.

All Overall High Score Winning Routines win Great Cash Prizes and are invited to compete those acts at our Nationals FREE!





* Award amounts may vary depending on amount in each age division

TROPHIES: Trophies will be awarded in each age division and performance category. A minimum of 5 entries in any given category is required for 1st through 3rd place trophy to be awarded. A 1st place trophy only will be awarded in categories with less than 5 entries. Routines that are uncontested in a given category must score a gold or higher to receive a 1st place trophy.

Categories with 10 or more entries will be broken up by discipline. 

MEDALS: Medals are awarded to soloists indicating their score.

STAGING: Stage with a 30' x 48' marlee dance floor, professional lightning, backdrop, and wings.
(stage height and size may vary due to hotel and convention center restrictions)

DANCER OF THE YEAR: This title will be awarded to soloists the judges feel deserve this prestigious title due to their hard work, skill, and dedication to the art of dance. This award is based on their work in the workshop as well as their performance in the competition. One award will be presented in the Junior/ Intermediate level and one in the Teen/Senior/Pro-Am Level.

OVERALL HIGH SCORE: Winners that receive Overall High Score titles will be invited to perform their winning routine FREE at our National Finals. 

COMPETITION DETAILS: Dancers must be registered for the entire workshop in order to compete.

JUDGES: Our judges are members of the Hollywood Vibe Faculty. They are some of the most encouraging, friendly, and knowledgeable Teacher/Adjudicators in the business who have already served as a judge on several Regional and National Dance Competitions. In Addition to score sheets, judges will make constructive comments on CD for each routine they adjudicate.

Hollywood Vibe Competitions  Hollywood Vibe Competitions

VIDEOGRAPHY/PHOTOGRAPHY: For video and photographs of events, contact Pro Pix at www.propix.com

NEW MEDIA RULES: Photography and Video recording from any media devices (i.e. digital cameras, cell phones, SLR's, Flip, etc) is strictly prohibited during classes and competition. This is to enforce the children's safety and privacy, as well as protecting the work of choreographers and faculty.  We offer professional photo and video services at each of our events.

SCORING  (.5 and higher will be rounded up)
  Platinum 100% - 96%
  High Gold 95% - 93%
  Gold 92% - 90%
  High Silver 89% - 85%
  Silver 84% - 80%
  Bronze 79% - 75%



To determine the age group of an entry, average the age of the performers. If the average comes to a .5, round DOWN (.6 and higher moves up in age division).

  Mini 5 - 7.5 years old
  Junior 8 - 9.5 years old
  Intermediate 10 - 12.5 years old
  Teen 13 - 14.5 years old
  Senior 15 - 18.5 years old
  Pro-Am 19 + years old (Pro-Am category is for groups who average 19 and older or teachers/professionals who wish to compete.)

DIVISIONS * All categories besides acro can contain no more than 4 acrobatic tricks or tumbling passes.
  Tap Tap routines must consist primarily of tap technique. Recorded tap sounds are not permitted.
  Jazz Jazz routines must consist of primarily of jazz technique.
  Ballet/Pointe Routines must consist of ballet technique including classical steps and movement.
  Hip Hop Routines should consist of hip hop and street dance styles.
  Acro Routines must consist of at least 50% acrobatic/gymnastic stunts incorporating dance technique and choreography.
  Open Anything that does not apply to the above listed categories. Including song and dance, character, baton and pon pom, and modern.
  Musical Theatre Routines featuring any style of dance interpreting a song/character from a Broadway Show, Musical, Movie, etc.
  Lyrical Routines should demonstrate balance, extension, and control while using contemporary lyrical style.
  Contemporary/Modern Routines consisting of modern and ballet technique, reaching beyond the standard jazz vocabulary.

TIME LIMITS  * A 15-point deduction will result for those routines that do not comply
  Solos 2:45 minutes
  Duos/Trios 3:00 minutes
  Small Groups (4-9 dancers) 3:30 minutes
  Large Groups (10-19 dancers) 4:00 minutes
  Productions (20+ dancers) 6:00 minutes
  Extended Productions (20+ dancers) 9:00 minutes


What is the schedule for the weekend?

We email a schedule out to provided email address on the registration form about 1-2 weeks prior to the event. Schedules to vary from city to city depending on the size of the competition.

A typical schedule is as follows: