1. All registration must be post marked 1 month prior to receive discounted rates.
  2. Entry and Workshop Fees are in US funds only and are Non-Refundable. No Exceptions!!!
  3. No Fax Registration will be accepted.
  4. Confirmation packets will be emailed 1 week prior to the event. You must provide a working email on your registration forms!! Please check email for updates and schedules.
  5. No more than 2 Checks for each registration.
  6. All Checks returned are subject to a $25 NSF fee plus the incurred late fees. WE CAN NOT ACCEPT STUDIO OR PERSONAL CHECKS DAY OF.
  7. To redeem scholarships, please enclose the Hollywood Vibe Scholarship with entry forms and enclose a photocopy or actual Team Hollywood Vibe Scholarship with entry forms.
  8. Competition start time may vary from city to city. Be prepared to dance at any time on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
  9. Routines must be for family viewing. Disqualification or point deduction will occur if judges/directors feel a routine is not within guidelines.
  10. Judges score sheets and CD comments are available to teachers, studio owners, representative for pick up on Sunday.  Hollywood Vibe takes no responsibilty for those that are not picked up at the event.
  11. Entries will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis!!!
  12. Judges may change the discipline of a number if they feel it is incorrectly placed.
  13. Judges break all ties and decisions by judges are FINAL.
  14. Routines must perform in their scheduled order unless discussed with a Hollywood Vibe Director beforehand. If routines do not perform in their scheduled order, a 15 point deduction will apply.
  15. All participants agree to make all costume changes quickly in order to keep the competition running on schedule. Unreasonable delays can result in disqualification of the routine.
  16. There is NO photography or videotaping of any kind during the competition nor classes and in dressing rooms.
  17. Competition admission is FREE!!!
  18. There will be reserved seating for all teachers during the competition.
  19. Wristbands must be worn at all times!!!
  20. Observers 4 and under are FREE!!!
  21. Studios are limited to 50 acts per studio.
  22. Directors have final decision and interpretation of all rules and regulations.
  23. Schedule is always subject to change.
  24. Independents are defined as dancer attending without a registered studio teacher
  25. There is a limit of 1 solo per dancer at regional events
  26. Soloists must appear in at least one group routine or be registered with a studio which includes a registered studio teacher
  27. For more rules & regulations, please visit the convention and competition page.

Hollywood Vibe - Rules & Regulations
Any dancer participating in a Hollywood Vibe Dance Event takes certain incumbent risks. These include but are not limited to sprains, pulled muscles, and broken bones. Participation in this event indicates the acceptance of these risks by attendees and their parents or guardians.

Hollywood Vibe assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property loss at these events. Choreographers, teachers, and students automatically grant permission to Hollywood Vibe to use their photos for publicity purposes in print ads, brochures, and the like.